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Transit plates
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Transit plates are temporary plates. Ordering: order tonight = available tomorrow
The plates (also known as yellow plates) are valid for vehicle transport or testing within Germany only. The insurance is valid for 5 days.
Only with an EU insurance is the registration valid in the following countries:

Warning! We can not guarantee that this plate will be allowed in all of these countries. This is because there is a guideline in Europe that states every country is free to deny or accept the plate.
If you order before 14:00 PM you can pick up your plate(s) the next day as soon as 15:00 PM at the address underneath. If you order on Friday, you will need to order before 12:00 PM to pick up your plate(s) the next day.

Contact us
Molenbeekdal 1 (Frans Schachtstraat 29), B-1731 Zellik, Belgium
 +32.2.660.80.11   +32.2.660.80.20     +32.475.24.06.07
The markings can be ordered online here.
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